Design Philsophy

Joe Architect & Company is an architectural practice dedicated to professional service with my personal involvement and attention on every project.   You get my creative energy, my tenacious spirit, my professional experience and my passion to listen and understand your needs and aspirations.  While I am not encouraging 2 am phone calls, you can know that I will be fully engaged in the development of your project.  Throughout the process, my goal is to cultivate a relationship with you that will last beyond the completion of the building; and that you will enjoy the fruit of my work for a lifetime.

Some people may see this as a limiting factor, but I see it as an essential approach to the practice of excellent design.   In my work you will see reflected a number of different styles.  I don’t proselytize a particular aesthetic language.  Rather, I approach each project as a unique puzzle requiring my careful attention.  I listen, I learn, I interpret.  I pay attention to every detail.  In the process I strive to attain beauty combined with functionality, executed flawlessly.  I hope the results speak for themselves.