Commercial Projects

While I don’t have a significant portfolio of commercial projects under the auspices of Joe Architect & Company,  I have been involved in many “commercial” projects throughout my career.  Many have been quite large and/or technically complex.  I have been involved in the design of many commercial government focused projects such as RF shielded enclosures, clean rooms, silver-recovery facilities, etc. during my time at Morrison-Knudsen Corporation on the campus of NSA.   I have also worked on school projects in connection with my church projects an many multi-family type buildings.  Recently in a temporary job I had with another firm, I acted as Project manager and oversaw the production of the Construction Documents for a 45 million dollar new student housing complex to be built in College Park, Maryland.

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Commercial Case Studies

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Leonard E. Hicks Multi-Purpose Center

Multi-purpose room and community education center addition

Baltimore, Maryland